YAM Incident: Root Cause Analysis



totalSupply & initSupply

Figure 2: State Changes in the First Rebase
Figure 3: State Changes in the Second Rebase
Figure 4: YAMToken::rebase() Creates an Abnormal totalSupply
Figure 5: YAMRebaser::rebase() Propagates the Wrong totalSuppy to initSupply

Why can’t we execute the bug-fix proposal before the second rebase?

Figure 6: GovernorAlpha::queue() Sets the ETA of the Proposal

Why not executing the proposal after the second rebase?

Figure 7: GovernorAlpha::execute() Reverts b/c of the State of the Proposal
Figure 8: GovernorAlpha::state() Returns ProposalState.Defeated b/c of quorumVotes()
Figure 9: GovernorAlpha::quorumVotes() Returns a Huge Number b/c of the Abnormal initSupply


Figure 10: Timeline of SAVE YAM!

2020–08–14 Update

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A Blockchain Security Company (https://peckshield.com)

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