PeckShield First Anniversary Celebration — Onward and Upward!

4 min readMar 27, 2019

During the crypto bull market in 2017, people worked day and night, 24x7, but during the 2018 bear market, many left.

On 03/23/2018, PeckShield Inc. was established.

One year later, we are still here.

In Blockchain We Trust.

In the last one year, we:

  • Submitted 84 CVEs;
  • Released 212 data and security related news reports;
  • Published 40 technical analysis blogs;
  • EOS team acknowledged our contributions;
  • Global news coverage of PeckShield more than 6,808 times.

Our voice has been heard in the US, Korea, Japan, UK, Brazil, Russia, India, Spain, Turkey, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria, etc, dozens of countries all over the world.

In the last one year, we were the FIRST to:

  • Expose the low registration rate issue to the EOS community before the mainnet launch;
  • Detect the BEC smart contract BatchOverFlow loophole;
  • Expose the Ethereum Packet of Death loophole which could crash 2/3 of Ethereum nodes;
  • Release the EOSRescurer public service, to help users with the high risk EOS accounts;
  • Expose the issue that 2/3 EOS accounts are silent or group controlled accounts;
  • Detect the new EOS transaction congestion attack, and help team to fix it;
  • Implement EOS DApp real-time attack warning system;
  • Release multi-dimensional data output for the sidechain of EOS — BOS;
  • Expose the 2.09M EOS stealing incident, and work with many exchanges to get the digital assets back to their original owners.

There were 95 security incidents since EOS MainNet coming online, PeckShield found 61, 64% of them, and since December, there were 66 security incidents, PeckShield was the first to expose 54 of them, 81% of the total.

In the last one year, we released:

  • Security Auditing Service, and published audit result of 350 major crypto tokens;
  • DAppTotal data service platform, with 2,317 Ethereum/EOS/TRON/BOS DApps included;
  • Blockchain Situation Monitoring Platform, showing the blockchain ecosystem overall status in real time;
  • Large Transaction Index, analyzing on-chain data and providing trading advice;
  • Digital Asset Protection System, providing compliance and AML services

Today, 03/23/2019, it’s our first birthday, and our achievements belong to every team member of the PeckShield family.

In the next three, five years, and beyond, we’d like to work with all our friends, Let’s Make Blockchain Better Together!

PeckShield Major Milestones:


03/23 PeckShield Inc. was established in Hangzhou, China

04/14 PeckShield released to EOS community the low registration rate warning before the EOS mainnet launch

04/22 PeckShield was the first to expose BEC smart contract BatchOverFlow loophole (CVE-2018–10299)

Apr-Jun PeckShield found multiple smart contract integer overflow loopholes such as SMT, EDU

05/22 PeckShield released data service platform DAppTotal V1.0

05/31 PeckShield received multi-million dollar investment from Gaorong Capital

06/11 PeckShield signed strategic cooperation agreement with Huobi

06/13 PeckShield Beijing Company was established

06/28 PeckShield was invited to Blockchain Connect Conference, and at the meeting published Ethereum Packet of Death loophole, which could crash 2/3 of Ethereum nodes

07/01 PeckShield signed security service agreement with KuCoin Exchange

07/08 PeckShield exposed and helped to fix the “Man-in-the-Middle Attack” loophole for Huobi OTC, LBank, and CoinW wallet clients

07/11 PeckShield released EOSRescuer high risk EOS account query service

07/24 PeckShield was included in the recommendation list for smart contract security audit services

08/02 PeckShield was ranked in the Top 3 of the Ethereum Bounty Program

08/05 PeckShield Silicon Valley R&D Center was established

08/10 PeckShield signed cooperation agreement with SparkPool

08/17 PeckShield started security audit rating service and released security ratings of 350 smart contracts

09/05 PeckShield participated at ISC (Internet Security Conference)

11/01 PeckShield released blockchain situation monitoring platform

11/30 PeckShield published LXI (Large Transaction Index) for digital asset trading services

12/05 PeckShield exposed EOS inlineReflex loophole (CVE-2018–20163), which was fixed by team on 12/13

12/26 PeckShield signed cooperation agreement with Bytom


01/07 DAppTotal Weekly Rankings released, including ETH/EOS/TRON DApp weekly rankings

01/16 PeckShield monitored BCH hard fork for five days and published warnings about replay attacks

01/21 PeckShield was awarded the “Most Professional Security Service Organization” by Jinse Finance

01/22 PeckShield was the first to expose the new EOS transaction congestion attack (CVE-2019–6199), and release V1.6.0 software to fix the issue

01/23 PeckShield signed security service agreement with imToken

01/25 PeckShield published 2018 Top 10 Blockchain Security Events jointly with 12 major media outlets

01/28 PeckShield published 2018 Blockchain Security Situation Reports jointly with BlockBeats

02/22 PeckShield released Digital Asset Protection System, and exposed the 2.09M EOS stealing incident

02/27 PeckShield DAppShield service came online

03/12 PeckShield signed security & data strategic cooperation agreements with dozens of DApp developing teams

03/15 PeckShield signed security service agreement with TRON, and DAppTotal to provide overall data service support to TRON DApps

About Us

PeckShield Inc. is a leading blockchain security company with the goal of elevating the security, privacy, and usability of current blockchain ecosystem. For any business or media inquiries (including the need for smart contract auditing), please contact us at telegram, twitter, or email.