bZx Hack Full Disclosure (With Detailed Profit Analysis)

Figure: Five Arbitrage Steps in bZx Hack

Five Exploitation Steps For Arbitrage

Figure 1: Flashloan Borrowing From dYdX
Figure 2: WBTC Hoarding From Compound
Figure 3: Margin Pumping With bZx (and Kyber + Uniswap)
Figure 4: WBTC Dumping With Uniswap

bZx Smart Contract Bug

Figure 5: marginTradeFromDeposit()
Figure 6: _borrowTokenAndUse()
Figure 7: _borrowTokenAndUse()
Figure 8: _borrowTokenAndUseFinal()
Figure 9: bZxContract::takeOrderFromiToken()
Figure 10: bZxOracle::shouldLiquidate()

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A Blockchain Security Company (

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