Bearn.Fi Incident: Inconsistent Asset Denomination Between Vault & Strategy



Inconsistent Asset Denomination Between BvaultsBank And BvaultsStrategy

  1. It borrows a flashloan from CREAM with 7,804,239.111784605253208456 BUSD, which is returned at the last step with necessary fee to cover the flashloan cost.
  2. It deposits the borrowed funds into BvaultsBank, which are immediately sent to the associated BvaultsStrategy strategy, then to Alpaca Vault for yield. Due to the above deposit, the Alpaca Vault mints 7,598,066.589501626344403426 ibBUSD back to BvaultsStrategy.
  3. It farms with the received 7,598,066.589501626344403426 ibBUSD via the Alpaca FairLaunch.
  4. It withdraws the 7,804,239.111784605253208533 BUSD from BvaultsBank, which turns to be interpreted as withdrawing 7,804,239.111784605253208533 ibBUSD, or equivalently 8,016,006.09792806917101481 BUSD! In other words, the initial deposit of 7,804,239.111784605253208456 BUSD comes back with 8,016,006.09792806917101481 BUSD. It should be mentioned that the returned funds reside in the BvaultsStrategy and the user only gets back 7,804,239.111784605253208456 BUSD as requested in this round.
  5. In the next round, the user still deposits 7,804,239.111784605253208533 BUSD into BvaultsBank, cascadingly to BvaultsStrategy. But with the previous leftover from the last round, BvaultsStrategy credits the user with 8,016,006.09792806917101481 BUSD, which is used for yield again via Alpaca.
  6. It repeats the above steps to continue accumulating the credit and finally exits by draining the pool.
  7. It returns the flashloan with 7,806,580.383518140634784418 BUSD.

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