Balancer Hacks: Root Cause and Loss Analysis

  • Flashloan Borrow: The bad actor borrowed a flash loan (104,331 WETH) from dYdX.
  • STA Depletion: With the borrowed WETH, the bad actor performed a flurry of swaps to deplete almost all STA tokens owned by a Balancer pool. Note that STA is a deflationary token that will charge 1% on every token transfer. The result of STA depletion is that there is only 1e-18 STA left in the pool.
  • Exploitation for Profit The bad actor exploited the flawed handling of STA in Balancer and stoled the pool assets approximately valued $523,616.52.
  • Flashloan Repay Finally, the bad actor repaid the dYdX flash loan and walked away with the stolen assets.
Figure 1: Balancer Hack Breakdown

Step 1: Flashloan Borrow

Step 1: The Flash Loan Borrowing WETH From dYdX

Step 2: STA Depletion

Step 2: Instant STA Depletion (Part I)
Step 2: Instant STA Depletion (Part II)

Step 3: Exploitation for Profit

Step 3: Exploitation for Profit (Part I)
Step 3: Exploitation for Profit (Part I — continued)
Step 3: Exploitation for Profit (Part II: gulp resets internal records of STA balance)

Step 4: Flashloan Repay

Step4: Repay dYdX Loan



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