Akropolis Incident: Root Cause Analysis



The Hack Walk-through

The Reentrancy-Based Exploitation on Akropolis

The Deposit Logic

The Vulnerable Deposit Logic in *SavingsModule*
  • Step 1: The attacker calls deposit() with the specified _tokens as the input. This function calculates the token balance before and after the deposit function depositToProtocol(_protocol, _tokens, _dnAmounts). Then it uses the balance change to mint the poolTokens (line 1970). Between the calculation of balance change, the depositToProtocol() function calls the safeTransferFrom() function on the target tokens to perform the actual token transfer (line 2004). However, there is no reentrancy check on the deposit() function and no validity check on the deposited tokens which might be crafted and malicious.
  • Step 2: The attacker re-entered the deposit() function again when its transferFrom() function is called to invoke the hook routine.
  • Step 3: Because of this second time deposit, the pool will mint poolTokens to the attacker since the real DAI assets are transferred into the protocol and changes the balance.
  • Step 4: When this second time deposit completes, it returns back to the first time deposit’s context in depositToProtocol() and then calculates the balance change again! It turns out the balance difference is exactly the same as the second deposit. Therefore, the same amount of poolTokens is minted to the attacker.

The Stolen Funds

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A Blockchain Security Company (https://peckshield.com)

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