DragonEX Incident Investigation Report: Tracking the Stolen $6M (USD) Asset Movements

  1. Token stealing phase: From Beijing time 1AM to 8AM on 03/24, the hackers moved 20+ types of digital assets from DragonEX to their own addresses, including BTC, ETH, EOS, etc.
  2. Money laundering phase: Starting from 03/26 till now, the hackers have move $929,162 worth of tokens into various exchanges, which could have been sold already; There are $5,099,121 worth of tokens still in the hackers addresses, could be moved to exchanges soon, if not intercepted by exchanges or other parties.
  1. At 2:42:54 of 03/24/2019, Large amount of USDT tokens were moved from DragonEX address 1QBaDdhCTC2k9WWFhCXCJvYHpVSqLSRxaJ to these six addresses:
  1. On 03/24/2019, 1,453,956 TRXs were moved from DragonEX address TPTwvsifK6EiQ1mm6b4eEQAcammL5215g6 to address TJeMF6CpEDeG94UAF7d4dzjXkgrwwtDGFB
  1. From 9AM-10AM on 03/26/2019, TRX tokens were moved from TJeM…DGFB to six new addresses, then again the TRX tokens were moved from these six addresses to TR8T47ouBgr7V2ssDjDaz9PJ7JaPH3kwrR. PeckShield researchers determined that TR8T…kwrR address belong to Binance;
  2. Till this point all 1,453,956 TRX tokens were moved into Binance

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A Blockchain Security Company (https://peckshield.com)

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